Friday, June 1, 2012

twiSta of Mousesports Quits

"twiSta" quits competitive DotA after alleged mouz betrayal.

by Dexter "Kurtcos" F

"This is probably the end for me when it comes to competitive DotA 2, as I have finally seen how people can act or be," stated Vizar 'twiSta' Zymberi in a statement released on JoinDota, detailing how his initial efforts to rebuild Mousesports had led to his eventual release.
It all began with the organization's intention to create a new team surrounding WehSing 'SingSing' Yuen, which mean letting go of Rexi, Trixi and Dement.

twiSta: "Let me rebuild the team."
 twiSta wrote, "mouz had already talked with other teams that they possibly wanted, but it turned out to be that they went with my suggestion after I got KuroKy and Fire into the team."

With so much on the line, and trust having already been placed in twiSta to rebuild Mousesports, twiSta made it clear that he was already "sacrificing a lot, such as a job opportunity, and cancelling [his] one month vacation to boot camp with the team prior to DreamHack and Potentially The International."

SingSing: 'Get rid of Fire, or I'll quit.'
 After settling on Black^ as a replacement for KuroKy (the later decided to accept an offer from Virtus Pro instead), animosity was soon stirred up within the team and after a series of arguments, SingSing gave twiSta the following ultimatum.

 "Sing convinced me that Fire needed to be removed from the team, otherwise he said he would quit competitive DotA 2, as he saw no reason to continue with the team in the state it was in."

Caught in the center of a dilemma, twiSta had to chose between losing Sing or Fire, who "was a really close friend of [his]", in what was the best interests of the team.

"In the end, I decided that losing Sing would do us more harm than good," twiSta wrote.

Enter ComeWithMe, and out goes twiSta

As we announced Mousesports' pickup of the Romanian star, twiSta was seemingly still in the roster. However, his statement revealed that there may have been more than met the eye.

As ComeWithMe approached twiSta for a slot in mouz, the former also hinted that "[twiSta] should remove Black^, which was something that [he] told him would not happen." The matter was soon dropped (or so twiSta thought). Coming online two days later, this was when it all fell apart.
He wrote, "I managed to come online ten minutes before our game against Na'Vi, where I was told that 'CWM is playing instead of [him] and we will talk about it later/tomorrow.'"

Paisy and SingSing speak up

 As joinDOTA approached team manager Paisy and subsequently SingSing for a statement, both parties did not deny the actual happenings of what twiSta described in his lengthy recollection.

Florian "PaisY" Schmedes regretted the way things turned out, but insisted that "quick decision making was necessary relating to our current and upcoming events."

Sing, on the other hand, acknowledged the incidents described as "nothing but scenarios that have actually happened but taken out of context."

So what now?
Perhaps almost befittingly as well, SingSing ended his statement in the same note as this article should have left you with.

"Believe what you want to believe."

joinDota - Original Article

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