Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Asian Gaming League Season 4

AGL (Asian Gaming League Season 4)
Announced - Sign Ups Open!
From Brady "blitzking" Williamson
 Ladies and Gents. The Asian Gaming League has announced the AGL Season 4. The game is DotA; the objective is domination. It's open to any and all gamers.
The platform is RGC. AGL expects 30 teams to sign up for this event. Once teams have been registered, the first matches will start on the 15th of June. So plenty of time to dust off DotA for them diehards who still have a strong presence in the scene, just simply practice up to ensure sweet victory.

You must reply to the original thread to apply for the tournament. Spots are limited so sign up asap.
Links are given at the bottom of this page.

Winner: RM500 (USD160) + Team Captain
1st Runner Up: Diamond Member + 1 Month Team Captain
2nd Runner Up: Gold Member + 15d Team Captain
3rd Runner Up: VIP 1 Month

Map: 6.74c
Mode: -cm
Register Time: 30th May [0000] - 14th June [2359]
Date of Match: 15th June - 17th June & 23rd June
                           15th June: 2000 (GMT +8)
                           16th June: 2000 (GMT +8)
                           17th June: 2000 (GMT +8)
                           23rd June (Grand Final): 2100 - 2359 (GMT +8)

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DotA Talk - AGL Media Partner

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