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DotA 2 News 8/8/2012

Asia's elite teams to fight for $500 in Razer Mini Madness
by Chirag "crashlite" Samtani

The creators of It's Gosu Monthly Madness presents another DotA 2 tournament dubbed the Razer's Mini Madness. The event will feature eight of Asia's most exceptional teams which includes EHOME, LGD, DK, Orange, and others for a cash prize of $500 USD.

The teams will compete in a best of three series. However, the grand finale will be contested in a monumental best of five series. All the eight teams will battle out for five days, starting from the 12th of August to the 16th of August. Six out of the eight teams will be competing in the International at Seattle.

Here's a closer look at the participating teams:

The Dynamic Unit - One of the most dynamic forces in DotA 2 scene today, EHOME will definitely be a force to be reckoned with. By already conquering over Absolute Legends, and Complexity Gaming at Beyond the Summit, EHOME has maintained a strong performance. Although they suffered several losses to Chinese teams: iG and LGD, EHOME should still be looked out.

LGD Gaming
The Powerhouse - The runner-up of It's Gosu Monthly Madness Asia, LGD looks to finish what they started in Razer's Mini Madness. Suffering a 3-0 loss to Zenith in the IGMMA finals will definitely ignite LGD's enthusiasm to win this one. The powerhouse who recently won against Absolute Legends at Beyond the Summit will look only at being the champions of this tournament.

Team DK
Team Recovery - Yet another strong Chinese team will contend for the $500 USD cash prize. Team DK who has a strong line-up has had numerous wins up their sleeve, by already beating Asian teams MUFC and iG at Beyond the Summit. However, after falling short against MUFC at It's Gosu Monthly Madness Asia, will DK be able to bounce back?

Chinese Corroborators - The last of all Chinese teams participating, the winners of the East qualifiers for the International, TongFu enters this tournament as well. TongFu's run has not been very great, as they only recently picked up a win against Darer. However, still being fairly new to the DotA 2 scene, TongFu has a chance to prove themselves as a wild contender for the $500 USD cash prize.

The Darkhorse - The Malaysian participants, MUFC has a lot to prove in this tournament. Entering as a darkhorse, MUFC has had a decent amount of wins and losses. They were recently successful against DK, but not against German team, mousesports. Will this be time where MUFC proves their validity in the upcoming grand tournament, The International?

Diamond in the Rough - The next Malaysian team participating Orange eSports who's definitely not had a great run as of late. They endured losses from top teams such as mousesports, CLG, and iG. Although being unable to march against them, coming into the tournament as an underdog is always something to look forward to. Orange has all the tools to succeed in this tournament, but the question is will they be able march to victory?

Mineski HyperX
Familiar but Deadly - Certainly a familiar team name, Mineski HyperX team will be the only Philippian team to participate in this tournament. Mineski HyperX has not had much notoriety in the DotA 2 scene. After having Mineski PowerColor stand-in for them, Mineski will take their place as the organization's main team, and hopefully pull off an upset.


Singaporean Wildcard - Last but not least, the only team to be representing Singapore is Harrosh. A lackluster performance by Harrosh in It's Gosu Monthly Madness Asia really makes Harrosh a wildcard in this tournament. Being quite new to the scene, Harrosh will need to establish themselves in this tournament to be deliberated as a top contender in the South East Asian scene.

For LGD, DK, EHOME, TongFu, Orange, and MUFC. This tournament will be a tutelage, and an opportunity for them to intimidate their fellow opponents. Likewise, for Harrosh and Mineski HyperX, their rise to stardom may be followed up by a win from this tournament. So don't miss the action on the 12th of August onward.

You can catch the matches on where the casters: Andrew 'Zyori' Campbell and Jarrett 'Kawa' Robinson will be bringing you in all the updates for this tournament.

Source: It's Gosu

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