Friday, June 1, 2012

The Mysterious Shanghai Team

Polo: 'We started the team out of passion.'
by AnakAyam

After nearly a year's preparation, the ACE Professional League is about to kick off. The regular season begins on the 28th, with ten of China's best teams duking it out in the competition.

In the team register for ACE Professional League, a certain "mysterious Shanghai team" has been the focus of the community. This team comprises Polo, 121, Yaobai, Banana and neo, and calls itself Radiance. SGamer sits down with Radiance's Polo in an exclusive interview.

Let's start with an introduction.
Hello everyone, I am Polo.

Nine other well-known teams are currently participating in the ACE League, while you guys are the unknowns from Shanghai. Can you tell us more about your club?
Indeed, right now we are already gathered at Beijing for offline games. The members are 121, Yaobai, banana, neo and me.

You guys have played separately for FL, TongFu, Panda, NV, and LOH but never really together. What brought you guys to settle as a team?
121 was the main recruiter, but I guess believing is more important. By that I mean the passion for the game and hunger for glory, brought us 5 to stand together.

How has team building been so far? Have you guys practiced with the other teams, and what are your roles?
Right now we have just gathered for offline games and the past two days have been dedicated to practice, we hope our hard work can make up for lack of talent. As for roles, 121 will be the main carry, Yaobai and I will play 2nd and 3rd positions, while the experienced neo and banana will play supports.

All teams in Beijing will be provided 10k RMB (1600 USD), but you guys have practically no support from a club! Do you think practice will be difficult?
It's not that tough. We have been getting a lot of support, and right here I want to take the time to thank the League for letting us participate, and GTV for providing us with the all-important training base.

I understand that early this year you represented FL in the G-1 league as a stand-in but eventually were replaced. In the ACE League you might face your old team in the first round, what do you have to say about FL?
Our relations have been good as always, Kaka has been taking care of me. We will prove our worth, and hope to receive everyone's support.

Word has it that a long time ago you were in the same team as Mofi and Fnty, before they joined WE. How are you guys now? To add in Mofi's retirement from WE, what do you want to say to your old friend?
Mofi is also from Chengdu, I know him well, and we still keep in touch. I trust that he can achieve something in his new career path. Fnty is a very good and hardworking player, I have learned a lot from him and he will always be my ex-captain.

Let's talk about your team's future, what do you see in store for the five of you?
Everyone is geared up to win; we are very much emboldened, well- bonded and competitive!

Many of the country's top teams are already dedicating themselves fully to DotA 2, how many of you guys have played it before, and are you planning to work on both games?
We have been exposed to it, but only a little. For now the team will focus on DotA, and fight for some results in the upcoming ACE League to repay the trust accorded to us by ACE and GTV.

Thank you, Polo, for accepting our interview. Please take some time to say a few words to everyone.
Success finds those determined to achieve it. Our attitude towards the game will be more serious than all the other teams. I hope that everyone will support and follow our development. Many thanks to for the interview.

 A new Chinese team is once again formed, a mix of relatively unknown players and some famous ones like Banana and Yaobai. With the renowned teams placing emphasis on DotA 2, lesser teams now have a chance to take advantage in the DotA 1 arena.

The fate of the team remains unknown, considering the Chinese have been releasing new teams for the past year to much fanfare only to see them fall apart in a short time.

One needs only to recall the fate of the original Tyloo (kabu, seaking, super, faith, rotk) to understand the dangers facing the newborn Radiance. Only time will tell how they will traverse the murky waters that is the Chinese DotA scene.

SGamer - Original Interview

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