Friday, June 1, 2012

Copenhagen Wolves Disband

JLK from Wolves confirms the DotA 2 disband
by Christoph 'malnor' Helbig
The general manager of Copenhagen Wolves has comfirmed the disband of the teams DotA 2 squad. The team is officially released and the clan is unsure of replacing it with a new DotA 2 team.

The organization Copenhagen Wolves has reacted on it's DotA 2 players' FaceBook posts. PlaymatE had previously announced his withdrawal from DotA 2 and team captain miGGel had announced the team is disbanded.

"We are not sure whether our future will involve DotA 2 or not"

With the statement of the clans general manager Jakob "JLK" Lund Kristensen, they officially confirm the release of the DotA 2 team because of the teams disband. JLK expresses explicitely that he is disappointed and how the team left Copenhagen Wolves with "nothing but broken promises and wasted investments."

The clan's release states that the roster is released "from all their obligations". Yet, it remains unclear how much binding really was within these obligations.

Jakob "JLK" Lund Kristensen:"When we first reached an agreement with this team it was honestly a dream come true. We pride ourselves in being represented by and supporting the development of the absolutely best that Danish electronic spors has to offer. Disregarding their turbulent history this was a team that symbolized everyting we are working for and together we would build something unique and reach the common goal of proudly wearing the Danish flag af The Internationals.

Today I personally sit back with a bitter taste in my mouth. We provided this team with everything that they could possibly want and even had a great weekend bootcamp in our SteelSeries Room where the guys got to meet us face to face. It seemed they shared our visions of professionalism, dedication and loyalty but apparently not. What looked so amazingly promising a week ago has now left us with nothing but broken promises and wasted investments. Now we sit back as yet another organization who has been burned by DOTA2 and we will have to reconstruct our strategies and figure out which direction we want to take Copenhagen Wolves in the future."

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