Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Loser's Bracket for Filipino Team

Aeon send second Filipino team to Loser's Bracket
by Dexter "kurtcos" F

MSIEvoGT became the second Filipino team to fall after Aeon emerged victorious from their match-up in the quarter finals of the Winner's Bracket. The Singaporean team will now face the winner of WE and Duskbin, due to go live soon.



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An interesting Pudge pick came out from the Singaporean side as they decided to run it how Puppey did in an earlier match against Darer - that is, to run him as a Jungler and abuse the Smoke of Deceit to gain quick levels on stacks. The Filipino team did not seem to expect Pudge in woods and this gave Aeon a couple of early kills on Puck at top lane.

With most of mid game focused on MSIEvoGT's tier one tower at mid lane, both teams shuffled the majority of their roster around the tower but neither towers went down for both sides in ten minutes.

After deciding to abandon their effort at mid, both teams roamed Radiant's jungle and this opened up a ton of kills on the score board, which were considerably even given that Aeon had already established a 14,000 gold advantage by 26 minutes.

What followed in the next few minutes turned the tides for Aeon - both teams had used Smoke in search of kills, and when they eventually did meet each other near the jungle in mid lane, a team fight went 5-1 in Aeon's favor, and the Singaporean team quickly took middle barracks.

Another 5-0 team wipe at bottom tier three barracks a few minutes later almost made it look easy for Aeon, and MSIEvoGT had no choice but to forfeit the game.

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